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natural gas generator

the utility model can improve the energy utilization efficiency of power generation.


1. Brief introduction of natural gas power generationSince the new century,natural gas power generation to achieve rapid development, natural gas power generation has multiple advantages. Gas generating almost no emissions of SO2 and soot. Nitrogen oxide emissions are low, with a high environmental value, with the increase of domestic natural gas exploration and development efforts. And the "west east" and introduced from abroad natural gas (including liquefied natural gas) project. Natural gas power showing a gratifying scene of vigorous development.

2. Current status and development of natural gas power generationWith the development of world economy, environmental issues have become increasingly prominent. As a relatively clean energy, natural gas development and consumption. The current by the world's favor, and China's natural gas industry is in the initial stage of development. In the fossil energy sources, the use of natural gas has not only high utilization rate. And minimal impact on the environment therefore the rapid increase in demand. In response to global climate change and China's haze weather, protect people's life and production needs clean, adjust and optimize the energy structure and reduce coal development. We must speed up the development of gas power instead of coal.



3. Process plan of natural gas generator
(1) requirement of gas for natural gas generator
Before the use of natural gas generator engine, should according to the use of the environment and conditions for the use of natural gas, oil and coolant for the specification. Selection is appropriate, have a great impact on the performance and life of the natural gas generator.
Gas engine fuel dominated by natural gas, also can use oil field gas, liquefied petroleum gas, methane and other combustible gases. The gases used by dehydration, to free water, crude oil and light oil, should not be less than 31.4mj/m3 of the low calorific value, the total sulfur content of less than 480mg/m3, the hydrogen sulfide content of not more than 20mg/m3. in natural gas pressure in the 0.08 0.30MAP range.
(2) the oil used for natural gas generators
The engine oil is used to lubricate the moving parts of the natural gas engine and play a role in cooling, removing impurities and preventing rust from the moving parts. In addition to the quality of the gas engine performance and service life, the use of oil has a certain impact on the duration. Therefore, the proper engine oil should be selected according to the ambient temperature of the gas engine. The natural gas engine uses the gas engine special engine oil 15W40CD or 15W40CC as far as possible
(3) natural gas generators use coolant
The coolant used to cool the engine must be properly labeled antifreeze according to the climate in which it is used
4. Characteristics and advantages of natural gas generators
(1) proportional air mixture regulation technology to determine the reasonable mixture ratio of air and gas
(2) high energy ignition technology improves the reliability of unit operation
(3) supercharging and cooling technology to improve the power, economy and emission index of natural gas generator set
(4) digital electronic speed regulation technology, reduce the impact of load on the generator set, improve the service life of the unit
(5) optimized combustion technology can effectively control the exhaust temperature and cylinder temperature of the engine
(6) low pressure pre mixed air intake technology reduces the investment and failure rate of equipment
(1)it is beneficial to optimize and adjust the power supply structure.
(2) help ease the pressure of environmental protection.
(3)the utility model can improve the energy utilization efficiency of power generation.
(4) it can reduce the pressure of power grid transmission and power grid construction.

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