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biomass generator

(1) full flexibility.
(2) it has better cleanliness.
(3) it has high economy.


1. Brief introduction of biomass gas generator
Biomass gas power generation is the use of biomass biomass power generation, renewable energy is a kind of power generation. It is directly or indirectly derived from the photosynthesis of green plants, is an inexhaustible and inexhaustible energy resources, is a form of solar energy. The main use of agricultural and forestry biomass and industrial waste, and even city garbage as raw materials, direct combustion or gasification and power generation, including agricultural and forestry waste gasification direct combustion power generation, power generation, agricultural and forestry wastes wastes incineration, landfill gas power generation, biogas power generation.
2. Status and development of biomass gas power generation
With the continuous progress of the rapid growth of population and the time, energy shortage has become a worldwide need to face the challenges, to achieve the rational use of energy utilization of new technology has become the countries facing researchers subject, which generates electricity by biomass technology can effectively alleviate the problem, and brought the new opportunity for the underdeveloped areas, the regional economy increased quickly and realize the sustainable development of the energy, so as to contribute to China's energy-saving and emission reduction.


3. Straw gas generator technology program
(1) Direct combustion power generation
Straw burning power generation, straw into the furnace in a variety of ways: can be packaged straw, crushing granulation (block), or powder, or mixed with coal into the boiler after the end. The production process is as follows: the straw processing for boiler combustion form (powder or lump), into the boiler combustion, chemical storage in biomass fuel in energy into heat energy. Boiler heat generated after saturated steam, saturated steam to heat into superheated steam into the turbine in the superheater. Drive the rotating turbine generator, the steam internal energy into mechanical energy, and finally by the generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
(2) Integrated gasification combined power generation
Biomass gas power generation technology is biomass through thermochemical conversion to gas fuel, the purified gas fuel directly into the boiler, internal combustion engine, gas engine combustion chamber to generate electricity. Gasification power generation process mainly includes three aspects, one is the biomass gasification in the gasifier, the solid biomass into fuel gas; two is gas purification, gas gasification out contain some impurities, including ash, coke and tar, after purification system to remove impurities, in order to ensure the normal operation of the gas power generation equipment the three is gas power generation, power generation gas turbine or gas engine using some technology, in order to improve the efficiency of power generation, power generation process can increase the waste heat boiler and steam turbine.
4.Straw gas generator characteristics and advantages
(1) the domestic or imported control system can be adapted to gas generation with constant change of gas concentration. Ensure stable output power, continuous.
(2) it is not necessary to pressurize the gas for two times, and the safety performance of the low pressure gas transmission is good.
(3) adopt imported automatic electronic speed regulating system.
(4) the air to fuel ratio control mode of the generator set adopts pneumatic mode, which is more reliable and convenient than the electric way.
(5) state inspection safety valve.
(6) adopt imported electronic ignition system.
(7) the unit safety protection device conforms to the standard.
(1) full flexibility.
(2) it has better cleanliness.
(3) it has high economy.


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